Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Questions below came about from my interviews with ‘park footballers’ which I am compiling for the publication – many found it easy to talk about why they love grass roots football, a few found it difficult to articulate their feelings, others didn't like to analyse for ‘fear of spoiling the experience of playing’ but overall it has been exciting because most view it philosophically – that it’s not just a game but a social function that reflects life.
One of my reasons for starting “Jumpers for Goalposts” is because I think it is important that grass roots footballers (past and present) actually record what it is we love about this beautiful game and how it impacts upon our lives because it is our stories that inspires next generations – so I thought up the following questions to help stimulate this response for everyone participating in this project and welcome your responses:
o   Your Name / nick name:
o   Your favourite position
o   Where you began to play footie as a child
o   Why you came to this location (Brighton / UK / Europe)
o   What are your feelings about other players?
o   Where your favourite place to play in Brighton?
o   What have you learned about playing together?
o   Where do you come from, if not from Brighton?
o   How far do you have to travel to / from games & mode of transport?
o   Describe your perfect game
o   Describe your perfect move / goal
o   What is your favourite team? Why this team?
o   All time favourite player – PAST & PRESENT
o   WHERE / WHEN was last game you visited
o   What do your non playing friends and family think of you playing regularly?
o   Dreaded Injuries! What happened? How did you overcome them?
o   What would you say to a youngster that is considering doing park football?
o   Hopes for the future of grass roots football -
o   Comments about this art process – make sense? Why?
o   How have you / your group / your relationships been influenced or changed over the years due to football?
o   What is happening in your head when you play?
o   What problems / issues have arisen in matches?
o   What degree of organisation is there in your group / game?
o   What have been the benefits of playing Park Football?
o   What’s your hobby / what are you really good at
o   Your occupation how is this influenced by grass roots football
o   Comments welcome. Thank you. Edi (Jumpers For Goalposts- Project Leader)

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